Avon Otakaro Network Hydraulic Modelling

avon_birds.JPGThe Avon-Otakaro Network (AvON) is a community led group with a strong sustainable vision for Christchurch’s Red Zone, to restore and enhance the ecosystems, natural habitat, biodiversity and recreation of the city’s waterways.


Since 2014, EWB has been involved in the technical support of their Mahinga Kai project, focusing on the analysis of the Kate Sheppard waterways complex in Christchurch East. UC student Duncan Keenan spent the summer period collecting data, including water levels, tidal flows and salinity, and professional EWBNZ volunteer Ben Throssall has used this data to create detailed hydraulic and salinity models.

These models have deepened the group’s understanding of the waterway and allow them to predict scenarios beyond those observed in the field. Their work has also highlighted how much more there is to learn, so this project has the potential to be extended, with continued support from EWBNZ.