Elevate Programme


 We will begin the day exploring the development sector to better understand how the most effective change can be made. 

Learn from:
Sam Davies Talwar - Founding member of Engineers Without Borders
The EWB Story -  How we were founded and the lessons learned about development

Gill Greer - CEO of Volunteer Service Abroad
He taught us all he knew... and our lives have changed forever

Matt King & Iva Koroismanunu - Live & Learn Vanuatu
Development in the Pacific

and more!

Then we will be inspired by people who are doing amazing things.

Lionel Taito - Aspiring social entrepreneur, founder of Creative Pathways
Creating change

Janette Searle - Founder of Take My Hands
The journey to improving lives all over the world

Sam Lucas - Founder of Onja
Empowering gifted youth to code their way out of poverty

and more!

Finally, we will learn how we can get involved in creating positive change!

Volunteer Services Abroad
Volunteering: Discover the possibilities

Campaigning: How YOU can make change happen

Engineers Without Borders
Fundraising: A toolkit

and more!


Dynamic workshops will be held throughout the day!

Effective Altruism: Auckland
Effective giving

Andrew Drain
Co-creation, innovation and impact - the value of user participation

Hana Cadzow
How do we "do" development?