Kaitiakitanga Community Energy

ODC_site_visit_2013.jpgThe Kaitiakitanga Community Energy partnership is aimed at creating a community owned renewable energy enterprise within Te Whanau a Apanui on the NZ’s East Cape.  The Kaitiakitanga Community Energy partnership had a great start with the 2013 Odyssey Design Challenge recognising the potential for Te Whanau a Apanui to utilise their natural resources in conjunction with sustainable energy technologies, and bring energy security back to the coast.

ODC_site_visit_2013_-_2.JPGMike Christensen joined us in May 2014 as EWB’s Project Manager for the Kaitiakitanga Community Energy project. Mike’s role is to coordinate the provision of engineering and technical input to the project, and to help build on the vision between the partner communities.  “As a project it doesn’t get much better – working with motivated and highly capable people to help create a long term sustainable future”.

The next immediate steps in this journey involve setting up administrative and governance structures we can work with, along with concluding the household energy audit work Stacey Fellows has been managing.  Look out for further developments and opportunity in the coming months.