Kyle Update 2

Hooray, I made it!


Arriving in Ambrym for the first time is quite the experience! Under the red glow of an active volcano and thick bush you would scantly recognize the island as inhabited.


However Ambrym has incredible cultural diversity with 5 distinct languages. The locals are also extremely kind welcoming people. It seems everywhere I go I am invited into someone’s house and given a meal.

Since arriving I have spent my time adjusting to island life, meeting the locals and organizing the delivery of materials. The later of which has not been as straight- forward as one would have hoped. The pure isolation of these communities presents significant challenges to the procurement of materials. For example some “harbor’s” are inadequate for landing so the crew ferry bags of cement in small dingies and throw treated timber into the sea to be floated ashore.


I am hoping materials will arrive and construction will begin within the next week. In the mean time I helping out with daily chores and cooking. My favorite island dish so far is called ‘woo woo’. It consisted of roasted, mashed breadfruit covered in hot rock coconut cream!