Leadership and Training

EWBNZ aims to transform the engineering landscape by developing and engaging stakeholders to instigate positive change.

The Leadership and Training portfolio is diverse in its intentions, but ultimately aims to provide an enriching experience for all of EWBNZ’s members and stakeholders.  Currently EWBNZ runs several programs aimed at educating both volunteer staff and the wider membership group.  Each of these are different in the content that they deliver and the level of engagement that they provide.  Each program is intended to fulfill EWBNZ’s mission, values and vision by enhancing the quality of development via enhancing the quality of its practitioners.

We hope that members and volunteers will find that being involved in EWBNZ is an extremely fulfilling, and positive experience, and that they find themselves empowered to effect positive change.

Annual Conference

Engineers Without Borders’ annual conference brings together students and professionals, academics, development workers and representatives from our community partners. We meet to learn, discuss and act on EWBNZ’s vision; to connect, educate and empower people through humanitarian engineering.

Dialogues on Development

The Dialogues on Development study tour is an initiative to provide training in the field to development enthusiasts. While there are many theories as to how aid and development should be distributed and approached, we believe there is no better way to learn than via first-hand experience with the local humanitarians.

By visiting several projects, each with different focus areas, participants will learn about how non-governmental organisations approach sustainable development in local Samoan communities. Throughout the duration of the trip there will be many opportunities for discussion around the impacts of development schemes, and by the end it is expected that participants will have a better understanding of what they can do to make the world a better place.

Pathways to Impact

EWBNZ provides opportunities for members to learn more about development. Many of the attendees at these events are volunteer staff, but the target audience is the wider member base, and any non-members who may be interested.  The Development Journey offers training to people with a variety of existing skill sets- from those just starting out with no real knowledge of aid to those preparing for an EWBNZ international placement.  Through these programs EWBNZ  intends to foster learning and promote a journey which ultimately ends in empowered individuals who in turn act as ambassadors for further change.

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