Learning and Change

EWBNZ aims to provide unparalleled direct engagement opportunities for our members in meaningful learning and change programmes.

Through these programmes, we provide opportunities to learn about sustainable human development, build a culture of active learning, and reflection within our operations and those of our partners, as well as providing pathways for individuals to become humanitarian engineers.

We seek to create a society of New Zealanders who are conscious of global issues, and are empowered to take action to effect positive change, while improving the lives of communities in need.  This will lead to greater engagement, ownership and understanding of development at home and abroad.

School Outreach

The In Schools programme extends our mission into local schools and universities, using fun and interactive visits to teach students about engineering and technology, and how these can be used to address global challenges.
Volunteering as a student or professional is a fun and practical way to participate locally with EWB, improve your presentation and communication skills, and to learn more about our development philosophy.
We are always looking for new volunteers and schools to participate. If you're interested please contact our National In-Schools Coordinator, Kate at schools.contact@ewb.org.nz or your local chapter.

Odyssey Design Challenge

A locally focused challenge open to all tertiary students focusing on engagement with local disadvantaged communities.

EWB Design Challenge

An international competition run by EWB Australia, and administered in New Zealand by EWBNZ, a compulsory component of first year students in major NZ universities focusing on engineering in developing communities.


Linking community partners with the talent and expertise of the New Zealand Tertiary Sector.