Sofia Update 5

Sofia has stayed involved with live and learn by supporting them in running the sanitation working group for several months, and donating supplies for the kindies she stated building after the cyclone - the first two kindergartens to be rebuilt after TC Pam.


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Sofia Update 4

I am happy because I spent the majority of my holidays up on Ambrym, where Mark Holden is building some rainwater harvesting systems with the community, EWBNZ and Rotary.  The projects appear to be going well, and right on schedule with island time.

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Sofia Update 3

Last week we had an external Monitoring And Evaluation person to check on our progress from DFATs point of view.  Unfortunately, the funding came through from DFAT very late, and as our team has barely been set up, we have not made much progress.  He helped us align our thinking as a team and made sure we are headed in the right direction.  One thing he suggested was building of sanitation parks in the communities, showcasing a range of toilet and hand washing facilities, rather than Live and Learn's proposed demo toilet, which would just showcase compost toilets.

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Sofia Update 2

I have been at work for two weeks now, and I have figured out what I am here to do.  This is great news, as I was finding the job description too vague and broad for my liking.  The job description is vague, because I am supporting a team, which is doing a lot!

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Sofia Update 1

I have been spending the last month reading about Vanuatu, and thinking about how my current engineering knowledge can be applied to their specific needs.  However, it all goes back to what is on the ground.  Like we say at work, there is no substitute for a good site visit.  I have received a huge amount of support at work in terms of technical knowledge, and I am very grateful to my team at MWH for this.

In addition to this, I have been on a bit of a shopping spree for mozzie nets, sun screen, first aid kits and other useful items! I am looking forward to starting work in Port Vila with Live and Learn on the 10th of November.