Mark Update 1

An EWB volunteer, Mark Holden, who is also an engineer at Beca, will be spending six months in Ambrym between November 2014 and May 2015. He will be working with the local community, to construct a new rainwater harvesting system, and carrying out plumbers and management training so that the system will be maintained and managed well.

January 2015 - By Mark Holden


Project Progress:

The competitive spirit between the two villages, Barereo and Falibeur, is burning strong. After a strong start by Falibeur in December, Barereo is now taking the lead and are motivated to keep it that way.  

The cutting of timber was advancing well for Barereo. All of the 42 timber posts and the first 4 rafters have been cut. The progress has slowed a little recently as the primary man cutting timber has been bed ridden for 2 weeks. He is feeling better now.

It is a similar story for Falibeur. Towards the end of December one of the chains for the chainsaw broke. Soon enough another chain was delivered to one of the ships headed for North Ambrym. When the ships service was to resume after the holiday period the sea was too rough causing further delays. Then a few days before the delivery arrived the chainsaw operator put an axe through his foot. The jandals failed to provide adequate protection so 7 stitches and one weeks rest later he has just started cutting timber again.

The first shipment of materials was meant to arrive on the 28th January. The ship was two days late, which is not bad for Ambrym. Unfortunately not everything could not fit on the boat and more materials are waiting for the next shipment in two weeks. Cement but no reinforcement.