Walk for Water 2019

On April 5th EWB hosted the Walk for Water. Over fifty participants gathered at Beca and began to set themselves up in preparation for the grueling challenge ahead. Dane and a Beca representative took a few moments prior to the walk to remind everyone of the importance of the event: raising awareness for the global water crisis, as well as how the money raised by the event would go towards future EWB projects, supporting community organisations across NZ and the South Pacific.

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International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2019

Earlier this year, on the 11th of February, was the UN's International Day of Women and Girls in Science. It was a day to celebrate the women around the world that are currently working in, or towards, a career in STEM, and are breaking down barriers that threaten to hold them back from achieving their goals. So it is only fitting to introduce several of EWBNZ’s very own powerful women, who help to make up its total of 19 female leaders (84% of the leadership team!). We asked Zainab Manasawala, Neha Raphael, Caroline Hope, Stephanie Hamel and India Eiloart about why STEM is important to them and why they think more women should get involved.

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Kiribati Solar Stills Project

The United Nations has recently declared that we may only have 12 years left to stop climate change. Global sea levels have been rising an average of 3 mm every year and one of the first visible effects of climate change can be seen in the tiny nation of Kiribati. Kiribati is comprised of many atolls in the Pacific Ocean, with the biggest and most populous atoll being Tarawa. Rising sea levels have not only begun to usurp people’s land but is also depriving them access to clean, safe drinking water. Increasing storm surges have brought sea water into drinking wells and made them unfit for drinking. Where the wells are inland, the groundwater is becoming more saline.

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Emily Ward on Empathy in Design

Emily Ward is an EWBNZ team member who recently returned from Cambodia, where she was working with Engineers Without Borders Australia to increase accessibility for Cambodians with a disability. We spoke to Emily about her experiences and the upcoming Pathways to Development workshop on Community Engagement for Better Outcomes.

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EWBNZ appoints new Chief Executive

Engineers Without Borders New Zealand is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Dane Hart as CEO, effective November 2018.

With a comprehensive background as a civil engineer, Mr. Hart has held several leadership roles over his 10 years within Engineers Without Borders New Zealand (EWBNZ). This includes leading the Research Team, the Dialogues on Development team and most recently, overseeing Leadership and Training programmes within EWBNZ for the last three years.

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Programme Manager

Engineers Without Borders is excited to be recruiting a new programme manager!

This is your opportunity to join our team of enthusiastic change makers.  EWB is at an important point in our organisational growth and we are looking for a motivated leader.  Working with a reasonable amount of autonomy and independence, can you lead and support the strategic growth of our programmes?

  • Job Title - Programme Manager
  • Employment Basis - Permanent position for 16 hours per week
  • Salary - $25,000 per year
  • Location - Anywhere in New Zealand (with some travel required domestically and internationally)
  • Start Date - November 2018
  • Application Closing Date - 5pm Monday 22 October 2018

This role has now been filled. For information on other opportunities on how to get involved please contact your local chapter president.

EWB at Week of Engineering

Week of Engineering was a huge success in Auckland, with thousands of curious young participants engaging in thinking and problem solving, including interactive activities from EWB!

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Early Bird Tickets on Sale Now

Early Bird Tickets

Early bird tickets to the EWBNZ 2018 Conference are available until May 31st.

Buy tickets now to reserve your place!

Humanitarian Engineering 2018 is a one-day conference on July 6th which will bring together like-minded professionals to share their knowledge about sustainable development and human-centred design.

A 'Real' Engineering Summer Work Experience

Southern is one of our student members of our Working With Communities team. He's an engineering student at the University of Canterbury and a long time volunteer with EWBNZ. He recently completed a month in Vanuatu shadowing Matt King, the Project Facilitator and Technical Mentor for the Sanitation in Challenging Environments project. He told us about his summer there.

Southern, helping work on plumbing to the Septic Tank

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EWBNZ at Festival of Cultures

The EWB Palmerston North Chapter had a great day at the Festival of Cultures recently, on Saturday 24th March. There was a constant flow of interested parties all day. 

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