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We are looking for experienced engineers who are able provide remote technical support for projects on call. In particular, we are looking for experienced water, wastewater, structural and geotechnical engineers, as well as hydrogeologists. However, professions with similar technical competencies are welcome.

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First foundations poured for the Wawan project

With the recent arrival of our materials, construction has begun on the rainwater harvesting structures for the Wawan project in North East Ambrym, Vanuatu!


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Wawan Villages Water Supply

wawan_council_small.jpgEWBNZ is working with a community group in Ambrym, Vanuatu to improve the water supply for two remote villages. During the dry season, the rainwater tanks run dry throughout the villages, and the locals have to trek several kilometres to the closest spring to fetch water. This is no easy task, as the one hour walk is up a steep slippery creek, which is even harder on the way down when they are carrying full buckets of water.  The two villages have a total population of around 150 people, and they live a mostly self-sufficient lifestyle, farming the land and rearing livestock for food.

This project is led by the Wawan Fonhal Development Council, who are a group of women on Ambrym responsible for water and sanitation projects across 9 villages. These women asked for our assistance with this project, as they did not have the technical expertise to carry out the project themselves.

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Rainwater Harvesting Feasibility

Water quality and supply in urban areas of South Tarawa and Kiritimati are a significant issue due to periodic storm surges and droughts, with the majority of water obtained from groundwater lenses through the use of shallow wells.  Due to the lack of sewage treatment on the islands, groundwater supplies are commonly contaminated.  Well water testing carried out in late 2009 found that all water tested from samples in Betio and Bairiki, villages within South Tarawa, showed positive faecal coliform results.  Infants are particularly vulnerable to water-borne diseases, with a reported four infants/children dying due to diarrhea disease every month in South Tarawa.  These issues are compounded by an increasing population drift from the outer islands to urban areas of South Tarawa in particular.

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Tailulu College Water Supply

The Tailulu College project involved a feasibility study of options to improve the existing drinking supply and land drainage at Tailulu College in Tonga. Tailulu College is a school of around 150 students, located 3 km from central Nuku’alofa.  The EWBNZ team includes Thanura Rabel, a water engineer with MWH; Frances Charters, an environmental engineer doing post-graduate study at Canterbury University; and Hajari Thakur, a chartered senior water engineer.  Paul Fonua is the key contact. He is the school principal and head of the Principals’ Association. He is dedicated to run and maintain his school at a high standard that will persist into the future.

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Tonga College - Solar Power

Tonga_College.jpgA team of seven volunteers from the Auckland Students EWBNZ Chapter travelled to the Kingdom Of Tonga to install a solar powered groundwater pumping system for Tonga College. The main goal of the project was to reduce the financial burden associated with the provision of water for the school’s students and staff. EWBNZ also hoped that the solar water pumping system will serve as an exemplar for local communities in Tonga encouraging them to switch to renewable energy sources such as solar to meet their energy needs.

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Sofia Update 5

Sofia has stayed involved with live and learn by supporting them in running the sanitation working group for several months, and donating supplies for the kindies she stated building after the cyclone - the first two kindergartens to be rebuilt after TC Pam.


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Live and Learn Vanuatu

Live_and_Learn_WASH_photo.jpgEngineers Without Borders New Zealand formed a partnership with Live and Learn in 2014.

An EWBNZ field professional, Sofia Lardies, travelled to Vanuatu in Nov 2014 and spent six months working with Live & Learn Vanuatu on WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) initiatives. She provided technical support and capacity building to Live and Learn, relevant local authorities and other NGOs that are active in WASH work in Vanuatu.

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Vanuatu Earth Care Association

santo_solar_schools.jpgElectricity prices in Vanuatu are some of the highest in the Pacific, which leads to the high cost of running schools, and the subsequent negative impact on the availability and quality of education.

Vanuatu Earth Care Association (VECA) is an organisation based in Santo, Vanuatu that aims to build bridges for civil society and community organizations concerned for sustainable development. It also advocates on environmental issues in Vanuatu and the Pacific region at large.

EWBNZ has formed a partnership with VECA in April 2013, with the aim to reduce electricity costs for the schools in Santo, reduce carbon emissions and build local capacity on sustainable energy projects.

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Kyle Update 3

With the arrival of our materials last week we have begun construction on two project sites. The villagers and myself got stuck right into digging foundations, cutting box framework and mixing/pouring cement by hand.

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