Ambae School Wastewater System

Ambae_pipe_trenching.jpgIn September 2012, EWBNZ completed this project – a wastewater system and water supply for a school in Vanuatu. The project was initiated in 2010, when EWBNZ was engaged by the community in a small village on the remote Ambae Island, Vanuatu, to design and manage the construction of the first and only set of flushing toilets the island has ever seen.

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Independent Water Schemes Association

IWSA.jpgA volunteer water engineer from EWBNZ spent nine months in Samoa with the Independent Water Schemes Association. The goal was to assist with the development of water schemes and their ability to sustainably provide clean, safe and affordable water to communities.

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Reclaimed Christmas Tree

reclaim_xmas.jpgAuckland’s Aotea Square’s 2013 Christmas Celebrations promoted holiday cheer and environmental awareness. A 7m tall Christmas tree, lit up beautifully at night, was adorned by 12 smaller Christmas trees.

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Christchurch Earthquake Repair Foundation Design

Habitat_1.JPGEngineers Without Borders formed a project team of highly qualified Christchurch engineers, including two geotechnical engineers and one cost estimator, who have been donating their time to assist Habitat for Humanity be assisting them with the post-quake repair of a severely damaged Habitat home in Aranui.

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Warm Homes

Warm_Homes_1.jpgWarm_Homes_2.jpgEWBNZ is currently running the Warm Homes initiative in Christchurch. This program aims to keep students healthy, toasty and warm over winter by assessing the condition of flats, and then doing what we can to fix any problems. This program has been running for over two years.

Our goals: 

  • To keep students warm and healthy over the cold winter months.
  • To help reduce power bills.

Why is this initiative important?

University students generally have low incomes and live in poor quality housing. Many students have just moved out of the family home and have limited knowledge of efficient heating and energy conservation. During winter, these factors result in cold living environments, higher than manageable power bills, or both.

Cold living environments can easily lead to poor health and wellbeing which negatively impacts university performance and general quality of life.

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Kaitiakitanga Community Energy

ODC_site_visit_2013.jpgThe Kaitiakitanga Community Energy partnership is aimed at creating a community owned renewable energy enterprise within Te Whanau a Apanui on the NZ’s East Cape.  The Kaitiakitanga Community Energy partnership had a great start with the 2013 Odyssey Design Challenge recognising the potential for Te Whanau a Apanui to utilise their natural resources in conjunction with sustainable energy technologies, and bring energy security back to the coast.

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Avon Otakaro Network Hydraulic Modelling

avon_birds.JPGThe Avon-Otakaro Network (AvON) is a community led group with a strong sustainable vision for Christchurch’s Red Zone, aiming to restore and enhance the ecosystems, natural habitat, biodiversity and recreation of the city’s waterways.

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Kyle Update 2

Hooray, I made it!


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Kyle Update 1

The Wawan water supply project is back up and running after being suspended in wake of the devastating cyclone Pam. Life is starting to return to normal in Vanuatu 12 months after Pam made landfall. Although, there are still wrecks to be removed, runways to be repaired and coconuts to re-grow.

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Social Enterprise in Tongan Schools

The Social Enterprise in Tongan Schools Odyssey Challenge will see students designing a technical strategy and business plan for a social enterprise which will assist Tongan schools with their energy and water needs, while reducing their environmental impact. Power and water bills are a significant burden for rural Tongan schools, and on occasion have forced some to close due to lack of funds. A past project carried out by EWBNZ’s to assist Vava’u High School in northern Tonga will be used as a case study, and will provide examples of previously attempted technical options and their level of success. Students’ research will provide further options to explore.

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