Disaster Management and Preparedness

EWBNZ is again working with the three hapu of Te Whanau-a-Apanui in the Bay of Plenty on a community scale disaster management and preparedness assessment on its existing resources and future development initiatives.

The Odyssey Design Challenge features real life problem solving experience, networking opportunity with professional practitioners as well as an opportunity to make a difference. The teams will go through a well-structured 4 months programme consisting of two workshops, a community site visit and receive tips and feedback from the well-regarded judging panel as well as their very own team mentor. They also have the opportunities to present and share their findings in forms of poster, report and presentation. There is a prize pool of $2600 for the winning teams, sponsored by SKM.

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Energy and Sustainable Resourcing

EWBNZ is partnering with Hikurangi Foundation to work on the Kaitiakitanga initative to support a relatively isolated coastal community in the Bay of Plenty to tackle energy and sustainable resourcing issues.

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ManaFuel Tonga

ManaFuel Tonga seeks to improve the lives of farmers by converting their surplus crops into renewable energy and value-added goods. It plans to pilot a small-scale energy project in Tonga combining photovoltaic and biomass gasification technology. EWBNZ have conceived a fourth year engineering research project at the Auckland University of Technology to assess similar hybrid power projects around the world and determine an appropriate design for the planned pilot study. Through providing renewable energy access to farmers, ManaFuel seeks to improve their potential for sustained increased income and social improvement.

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Linear Turbine Project

Final year undergraduate engineering students at the University of Auckland and University of Canterbury are investigating the design of a linear turbine for use in developing communities. The turbine can be implemented in villages with nearby tidal or river flows as a useful prime mover for household power.

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Applications Open Now - Dialogues on Development

Dialogues on Development is an Education Programme for Professionals. It offers a first-hand experience of community development processes in rural Samoa.

A group of eight participants will fly to Samoa for one week in August, to build a deeper understanding of the role that technology and engineering play in community development.

Any questions, email Isla: studytour@ewb.org.nz or visit the http://www.ewb.org.nz/site/index.php?r=page/view&link=dialogues_on_development

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Visit EWB at the FIDIC-ASPAC Conference

ACENZ are hosting FIDIC-ASPAC 2016 for their annual conference this year – theme: A Shift in Global Focus.  They have kindly offered EWB a stall at their conference, if you are attending, please come and say hello....

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Matt Update 3

After many adventures through the jungles of Ambrym, and a wild trip on a small fibreglass boat I made it to (one might even say washed ashore at)  the village of Olal. Olal is a short walk from the village of Wilit where I would carry out one of the major functions of my journey, preparing a status report on the Wawan project.

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Wawan Water Supply Project kicks off again

Engineers Without Borders NZ are very excited to announce that the Wawan Project will be kicking off again from early 2016!!

March 2015 saw the arrival of Cyclone Pam to Vanuatu. The devastating effect of Cyclone Pam was felt throughout the nation and had considerably impacted the scope, resources and timeline of the project. Due to this, the Wawan project was put on hold. A year on and with the conditions making a marked improvement in Vanuatu, EWB are extremely keen on finishing off what we started!

Current Status: Matthew Lillis (Country Partnership Manager – Vanuatu) is currently in Vanuatu for a month to assess the status of the project and to resume works. While in Vanuatu, Matt maintains a blog of his time in the island. To follow Matt's journey, head to: http://ewb.org.nz/site/index.php?r=projects/project&id=22

Matt Update 2

In short time at Meltungon village, I spent some time doumenting their water supply.

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Matt Update 1

My name is Matthew Lillis. I work as the Vanuatu Partnerships Manager for Engineers Without Borders New Zealand.

I am here in Vanuatu to visit and assess the status of one of our ongoing water supply projects ahead of a permanent volunteer coming out to carry on project work. That project is the Wawan project, and if you follow my blog you will become intimately familiar with it.

I'm also here to offer the support of EWB to the government, to local NGOs such as the Red Cross, community groups, and anyone else we can assist. EWB supplies engineers who volunteer their time and skills to provide engineering services where they are most needed (and often least afforded). It is the business of an engineer to wield the tools of our societies to realise a vision of a different future - be it one with an adequate water supply, secure shelter, better transport, improved healthcare, etc. Engineering services, whether in Vanuatu or in my home country of New Zealand, are expensive and generally available to those with money. EWB's vision is that they are available to all.

Tomorrow I will be flying out to Ambrym, where the Wawan project is based. Luganville has already intrigued me with it's friendly people, delicious food and vibrant streets and markets. Ambrym is far more remote, and I look forward to adventures ahead.

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