Gap Filler Challenge Wrap Up

The Odyssey Design Challenge 2017 has come to an end! This year, EWB partnered with Christchurch’s Gap Filler, a creative urban regeneration initiative that facilitates a wide range of temporary projects, events, installations, and amenities in the city.

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Gap Filler Christchurch

EWB has partnered with Gap Filler for the 2017 Odyssey Design Challenge. This year’s challenge targets the youth of Christchurch.

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Social Enterprise in Tongan Schools

The Social Enterprise in Tongan Schools Odyssey Challenge will see students designing a technical strategy and business plan for a social enterprise which will assist Tongan schools with their energy and water needs, while reducing their environmental impact. Power and water bills are a significant burden for rural Tongan schools, and on occasion have forced some to close due to lack of funds. A past project carried out by EWBNZ’s to assist Vava’u High School in northern Tonga will be used as a case study, and will provide examples of previously attempted technical options and their level of success. Students’ research will provide further options to explore.

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Disaster Management and Preparedness

EWBNZ is again working with the three hapu of Te Whanau-a-Apanui in the Bay of Plenty on a community scale disaster management and preparedness assessment on its existing resources and future development initiatives.

The Odyssey Design Challenge features real life problem solving experience, networking opportunity with professional practitioners as well as an opportunity to make a difference. The teams will go through a well-structured 4 months programme consisting of two workshops, a community site visit and receive tips and feedback from the well-regarded judging panel as well as their very own team mentor. They also have the opportunities to present and share their findings in forms of poster, report and presentation. There is a prize pool of $2600 for the winning teams, sponsored by SKM.

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Energy and Sustainable Resourcing

EWBNZ is partnering with Hikurangi Foundation to work on the Kaitiakitanga initative to support a relatively isolated coastal community in the Bay of Plenty to tackle energy and sustainable resourcing issues.

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