Sweet free things to do in Christchurch!

EWB New Zealand and Gap Filler are proud to announce their progress on the Open City Project.


Gap Filler together with Engineers Without Borders is working on a project which is all about sharing sweet free things to do in Christchurch!

Our team of university students, professionals and sought out software developers kicked off the project, from ripping into an outdated parking meter, mapping databases to scaffolding the website and the app.

The new year started with solid progress with tasks ticked off and advancements in debugging. The completed, transformed parking meter will be up in the heart of Christchurch City this July!

Our team is excited to announce that the physical parking meter will be up in Christchurch by July, followed by the Website and App, which will be up and running around June / July.


Gap Filler







Keep posted for more updates on the Open City project here.