Open City Project is Live!

Gap Filler together with Engineers Without Borders have been hard at work over the last seven months, taking an old parking meter and repurposing it to share sweet free things to do in Christchurch.


The repurposed parking meter with some of its first users

The EWB Team made up of students, graduates and professionals alike provided technical input within the Open City Project. Tasks involved mapping databases, designing and coding hardware in addition to assisting with the scaffolding of the website and app.

Installed in Christchurch’s Cathedral Square this July, the repurposed parking meter now issues tickets helping visitors and residents to discover the hidden wonders within the city.


Check out the Open City website to see all the sweet free things to do in Christchurch, and you can even contribute your own ideas!

And for more information visit our project partner's website, Gap Filler and All Right? for their takes on the project and a sweet wee video of the parking meter's first users!