Q&A with Gina Yukich: 'The best experience I could get to prepare me for the professional world'

Gina was one of EWB's volunteer engineers who helped manage the Wawan project from New Zealand and had the opportunity to travel Tonga for the Pacific Water Conference. One of EWB's hard working and passionate volunteers, here are a few details from Gina's journey!


Q&A with Gina Yukich

What was the most challenging part of the project?

The high stakes of the project definitely made it challenging. There is a lot of responsibility to ensure that we were responding quickly to issues raised by our volunteer Kyle, and ensuring no mistakes had been made in our technical work or finances.

What was the best part of the project for you?
Getting to travel to Tonga to speak at a Pacific Water Conference about the Wawan project and EWBs focus on community capacity building in our development work. It was super interesting to hear about the work of water service providers in the Pacific,and the unique challenges associated with the geography, culture, and climate of the region.

How do you think participating in the project helped you grow as an engineer?
This has been my first true experience of project management where there are technical engineering aspects involved. I think it's probably the best experience I could get to prepare me for stepping into the professional world, and my first time giving technical advice as an engineer. (had to pull out some old course notes to remember how to grade concrete properly)

What is something you learned?
According to Kyle, living on a diet of bananas and coconuts is not as fun as it sounds.