EWBNZ links communities with passionate students and academics, whilst tying in professional and commercial support from our professional members and corporate partners. Through this work, EWBNZ provides access to innovative and appropriate sustainable solutions to assist communities in need, both within New Zealand and in the South Pacific.

Get Involved

For any queries regarding how you can get involved or to let us know any great ideas you have for a future research project, please email Amanda at

Current Projects


ManaFuel Tonga seeks to improve the lives of farmers by converting their surplus crops into renewable energy and value-added goods. It plans to pilot a small-scale energy project in Tonga combining photovoltaic and biomass gasification technology. EWBNZ have conceived a fourth year engineering research project at the Auckland University of Technology to...

Final year undergraduate engineering students at the University of Auckland and University of Canterbury are investigating the design of a linear turbine for use in developing communities. The turbine can be implemented in villages with nearby tidal or river flows as a useful prime mover for household power.