Launching the EWBNZ Technical Support Hub!

We are launching the EWBNZ Technical Support Hub! The Hub will link our in-field volunteers with NZ-based engineering professional volunteers for technical assistance on our projects. Hub members will be pre-vetted experienced professional engineers, who will collaborate to answer questions and give advice. The Hub is a forum-based website, so all members will be able to follow our volunteers' progress and discuss technical aspects of our projects.

Would you like to use your engineering knowledge to assist those in need? We are looking for experienced engineers who are able provide remote technical support for projects on call. Experienced water, structural and geotechnical engineers would be best suited to this role, but professions with similar technical competency are welcome. 

To apply to join the Hub, please click here.

News Date: Tuesday, 17 May, 2016

Applications Open Now - Dialogues on Development

Dialogues on Development is and Education Programme for Professionals. It offers a first-hand experience of community development processes in rural Samoa.

A group of eight participants will fly to Samoa for one week in August, to build a deeper understanding of the role that technology and engineering play in community development.

Any questions, email Isla:

News Date: Sunday, 17 April, 2016

Update: Wawan Water Supply Project

Engineers Without Borders NZ are very excited to announce that the Wawan Project will be kicking off again from early 2016!!

March 2015 saw the arrival of Cyclone Pam to Vanuatu. The devastating effect of Cyclone Pam was felt throughout the nation and had considerably impacted the scope, resources and timeline of the project. Due to this, the Wawan project was put on hold. A year on and with the conditions making a marked improvement in Vanuatu, EWB are extremely keen on finishing off what we started!

Current Status: Matthew Lillis (Country Partnership Manager – Vanuatu) is currently in Vanuatu for a month to assess the status of the project and to resume works. While in Vanuatu, Matt maintains a blog of his time in the island. To follow Matt's journey, head to:


News Date: Monday, 29 February, 2016


Elevate 2016 - Climate Change Solution

2016-07-23    Whole day
University of Canterbury