Tailulu College Water Supply

The Tailulu College project involved a feasibility study of options to improve the existing drinking supply and land drainage at Tailulu College in Tonga. Tailulu College is a school of around 150 students, located 3 km from central Nuku’alofa.  The EWBNZ team includes Thanura Rabel, a water engineer with MWH; Frances Charters, an environmental engineer doing post-graduate study at Canterbury University; and Hajari Thakur, a chartered senior water engineer.  Paul Fonua is the key contact. He is the school principal and head of the Principals’ Association. He is dedicated to run and maintain his school at a high standard that will persist into the future.

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Tonga College - Solar Power

Tonga_College.jpgA team of seven volunteers from the Auckland Students EWBNZ Chapter travelled to the Kingdom Of Tonga to install a solar powered groundwater pumping system for Tonga College. The main goal of the project was to reduce the financial burden associated with the provision of water for the school’s students and staff. EWBNZ also hoped that the solar water pumping system will serve as an exemplar for local communities in Tonga encouraging them to switch to renewable energy sources such as solar to meet their energy needs.

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