Walk for Water 2019

On April 5th EWB hosted the Walk for Water. Over fifty participants gathered at Beca and began to set themselves up in preparation for the grueling challenge ahead. Dane and a Beca representative took a few moments prior to the walk to remind everyone of the importance of the event: raising awareness for the global water crisis, as well as how the money raised by the event would go towards future EWB projects, supporting community organisations across NZ and the South Pacific.

Keeping this cause in mind, all participants began their journey, carrying 20L of water each for a distance totally 6km; loosely replicating the journey that countless women and children take every day so their families are able to have access to clean drinking water. In total $6165 was raised. Our sincerest gratitude to all those involved for their efforts!

This was made possible by Water New Zealand, The New Zealand Water and Wastes Association.

Beca participants - all smiles before commencing the walk.

Fueling up before the long slog.

Our walkers on the road!