Wawan Villages Water Supply

wawan_council_small.jpgEWBNZ is working with a community group in Ambrym, Vanuatu to improve the water supply for two remote villages. During the dry season, the rainwater tanks run dry throughout the villages, and the locals have to trek several kilometres to the closest spring to fetch water. This is no easy task, as the one hour walk is up a steep slippery creek, which is even harder on the way down when they are carrying full buckets of water.  The two villages have a total population of around 150 people, and they live a mostly self-sufficient lifestyle, farming the land and rearing livestock for food.

This project is led by the Wawan Fonhal Development Council, who are a group of women on Ambrym responsible for water and sanitation projects across 9 villages. These women asked for our assistance with this project, as they did not have the technical expertise to carry out the project themselves.

Placement Updates

This project has had a series of field professionals to assist the Council with feasibility studies, design, and construction supervision.  Project updates are provided by the field professionals in the blogs here.  

EWBNZ would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Beca Group Ltd. and Rotary International for their ongoing support with the Wawan Project.