EWB+VSA Wellington Speaker Night

22/10/19: Join us to hear Charlotte Welch-Cropp, an Activity Manager with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, talk about her inspiring career journey

Interested in development work in the South Pacific? Come check out a presentation by Charlotte Welch-Cropp and hear how she went from a graduate role with Downer to implementing large New Zealand funded infrastructure investments in Kiribati. This was made possible through an opportunity with VSA/Downer to undertake a three month assignment in the Solomon Islands in 2016.

Volunteering as an Infrastructure Adviser in the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD), she worked on the construction of new schools and associated infrastructure, with a specific focus on asset management and maintenance. Three months was all it took to introduce her into the world of development, and how NZ plays a crucial component to support the development of our neighboring Pacific Islands.

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