EWB Around the World

The first Engineers Without Borders organisation was established in France in 1982, followed in the 1990's by entirely separate organisations in Spain and Italy. This was followed by rapid expansion and there are now more than 60 Engineers Without Borders organisations around the world.  All Engineers Without Borders organisations are independent of each other, and operate in different ways, but they are united by a common belief that engineering should be about solving problems for people.

EWB-International is an international federation of national Engineers Without Borders.  EWB-International is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation. EWB-International will not organisationally affiliate with or be sponsored by any governmental, political, or religious entity.

EWB-International's mission is to facilitate networking, collaboration, exchange of information and assistance among its Member Associations and aid in the development of their capacity to assist developing communities through education, capacity building and implementation of sustainable engineering programs.

EWB-International’s Member Associations share a similar philosophy, which is to partner with organisations and underserved communities to improve the quality of life through education, capacity building, and the implementation of sustainable engineering programs. EWB-International creates relationships amongst like-minded organizations, regardless of political, economic, religious or other boundaries.  The EWB-International website has links to EWB organisations in many countries around the world, please visit their website to find out if there is an EWB already working in your area.

EWBNZ has strong links and shares information and programmes with EWB Australia, EWB Canada and EWB UK. Please click the links below for further information about EWB in each country.