Maria Update 2

Shops selling solar panels, batteries, and other components are literally everywhere in Port Vila and Luganville.  Some are sold in ‘green power’ shops and others are leaned up against the display windows or positioned by shop entryways along with clothing, toys, and other household goods.  Solar is far from unknown in Vanuatu.  In fact in a country where approximately 70% of people have no access to electricity, solar is quickly becoming the energy source of choice.

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Sofia Update 1

I have been spending the last month reading about Vanuatu, and thinking about how my current engineering knowledge can be applied to their specific needs.  However, it all goes back to what is on the ground.  Like we say at work, there is no substitute for a good site visit.  I have received a huge amount of support at work in terms of technical knowledge, and I am very grateful to my team at MWH for this.

In addition to this, I have been on a bit of a shopping spree for mozzie nets, sun screen, first aid kits and other useful items! I am looking forward to starting work in Port Vila with Live and Learn on the 10th of November.

Maria Update 1

"Welcome to Vanuatu!" said my taxi driver. "You might notice we drive on both sides of the road and there is no speed limit!". As we sped along to my accommodation dodging other motorists, I was able to briefly take in the beauty of Port Vila's lagoon through fleeting glances between trees. The next morning, I was able to go exploring properly with an early morning run. I was under the impression that it would be cooler. Nope, still a balmy 24C.

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Jen Update 1

An EWB volunteer, Jen Johnstone, went to Ambrym between Oct and Dec 2013 to work with the local community, to identify and design a sustainable engineering solution.

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