Our Programs

Each of our programmes has a defined high level objective to help explain the overall purpose and goal of the programme. We have developed these objectives so that they align with our vision, a process we undertook using a programme logic (theory of change) as a tool.

Academic Research:
Facilitate connections between researchers and communities to support the meaningful application and development and innovation of humanitarian engineering focussed technology.

Showcase good practice in humanitarian engineering and latest technological developments and provide an avenue for practitioners to share stories and lessons learnt.

Member Events:
Foster and inspire a network of humanitarian engineering leaders

Pathways to Development:
EWB shares expert experience to develop the skills and knowledge of humanitarian engineers

Remote Technical Support:
Support and strengthen local technical and engineering sector through connections with network of engineering professionals for peer review and advice.

Schools Outreach:
Expose young people to humanitarian engineering to encourage and inspire them into technology-based careers.

Technical Placements:
Build humanitarian engineering capability within the local technical and engineering sector through peer to peer knowledge exchange.


News and Events from our Programmes