Pathways to Development

Pathways to Development is a series of educational workshops designed to teach engineers about the part they have to play in development.

How would you go about ending poverty?

That’s a hard question, but a couple of thoughts probably popped into your head. Maybe the answer is better healthcare, or education, livelihood creation and support, macro-economic development, working with people with disabilities, working with children or even developing infrastructure.

In reality, it is all of those things. But the key bit is not what we do, but how we go about doing it. Imposing solutions on communities can not only be not helpful, but actually harmful. Here at EWBNZ we believe in working with communities rather than working for them.

But easier said than done right?

Come along to one of our Pathways to Development workshops to find out how exactly we go about walking the talk.

Based on the collective experience of our returned field professionals as well as the expertise of development specialists, these Pathways to Development workshops are a great way for you to learn more about poverty and what we can do to start to eliminate it. We will uncover the hidden complexities and difficulties and leave you with a whole new understanding of the part you can play in making change.

Part one of the programme is run over 28 weeks, with workshops every fortnight. Part two of the programme involves a two day workshop where you will  plan a project that is meaningful to both you and your community, and then be supported to deliver it over the remainder of the year.

The first workshop series will be run from June to December in 2020, and spaces for this are already booked out. 

If you would like to be involved in the 2021 programme or if you would like us to run this programme customised specially for your workplace, please get in touch with Dane at