Student Volunteer Week 2020: Your Turn

It's the end of Student Volunteer Week! Let's look at the lessons we've learnt and how you can start your student volunteering journey! 


Thank you for joining us for Student Volunteer Week!


Big shout out to Volunteering NZ for having this annual celebration! It's really important to celebrate our volunteers because they are the backbone of EWBNZ! I wanted to do this feature because I wanted everyone to know how great our students are. 


What did we learn this week? 

This week, we heard about the student volunteering experience from three students: Mercy Lin, Bryan Busby, and Gina Yukich!

The team showed us that volunteering as a student has so many benefits! These three have shown us that in volunteering, you can meet a wide range of people, upskill and develop yourself, and help you get to your dream job.

Volunteering can connect you to other people, your passion, and your long term goals. 


Where to from here? 

It's your turn! There are volunteering opportunities all around us! EWBNZ is one of the many volunteering organisations that students can get involved in.

Despite being in our name, our arms are open for non-engineering students and professionals as well!

We understand that the alert level 4 covid19 situation has decreased our physical volunteering opportunities - we have postponed school visits, large fundraising events, and local chapter socials. While these volunteering opportunities are on hold for the moment, we're working on delivering these modules and events remotely. If you're interested in EWBNZ programmes and would like to keep them going during this tough time, get in touch with Busby, our Auckland Student Chapter President! Sign up to be a member here

If you'd like to get to know more about the student volunteering experience, hit us with questions on any of our social media platforms! You can also get in touch with Alex from our communications team if you'd like to ask specific questions to our volunteers this week. 


Thanks for joining us and we hope you take advantage of your years as a student and volunteer! 

There's no experience quite like a student volunteer!


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It was our first ever Student Volunteer Week feature!  If you have feedback, please send these through to Alex


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